Open Source TembooKit

One of the unfortunate downsides to Xojo development is a lack of social API's. All the latest web services and SaaS apps rarely (if ever) provide Xojo modules/classes for integration. 

A recent project required we integrate with Facebook and Twitter and we turned to Temboo ( for help. Starting at just $9/month for 10,000 queries a month (and a free tier capped at 1,000) Temboo helps you integrate with the Web easily. 

Temboo provides access to over 100+ API's, databases, and code utilities all from a standardized API. Say you need to authenticate users against Twitter and post tweets? They have you covered. What about searching Dropbox? Covered. Run a search against DuckDuckGo, Easy! You can easily integrate your Xojo app with hundreds of services rapidly without having to learn an enormous amount of different API's. They also provide native SDK's for Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, etc. 

We have started an open source project (MIT licensed) to bring the power of Temboo to Xojo. We have publishing and oAuth methods ready to go for Facebook/Twitter. You can find the Git repository at GitHub at

Please download, use, and extend TembooKit. Just send us a push request if you have added additional API's. The foundation for adding new Temboo API's is in place. It is very easy to add new Temboo features to the code base. Over time as we consume their API's we will add those endpoints to the library. In the future we may provide additional classes to further enhance integration. 

Special thanks to Ken Lossman at Fusion Interfaces, Inc. for collaborating on this project with us.