Rapid Services Updated. New RapidListBox and RapidCheckBox

Version 1.1611.50 - November 5th, 2016:

  • Made it much simpler to integrate Rapid Services into your Xojo Web application.

  • Added RapidCheckBox for quickly sending and receiving boolean values.

  • Added RapidListBox for exchanging any Xojo RecordSet with any client application. Values in the RecordSet are stored inside a Xojo.Core.Dictionary on the client side. Helper methods for converting the dictionary into a Desktop Listbox or Array() are available.

  • Added two new examples demonstrating the new RapidCheckBox and RapidListBox controls.

  • All rapid controls are no longer encrypted as Xojo has issues copying encrypted classes that have custom

    inspector behavior.

  • Service names are no longer case sensitive in the URL when using RapidServicesClient.

  • Minor performance enhancements.