Managed Hosting

Double the RAM on ServerWarp

Three years after starting our fully managed hosting service for Linux virtual servers optimized for Xojo Web and we are still beating the competition. Today we announced DOUBLE the RAM on all of our servers.

We do our best to never raise prices on our customers and thus far we never have. The hosting industry is widely a race to the bottom because almost every host is peddling some variation of the same hypervisor and control panel package.

The problem lies in the fact that these panels were designed for an era of shared hosting. They make assumptions like DNS/Mail/Spamfiltering/Databases all being hosted on the same server. This reduces your performance by running unnecessary services, restricts your available libraries in order to support every possible function, and not in tune with the latest development trends. Today's developers want to deploy quickly and run their services in containers for isolation and security. They want to be able to manage a fleet of servers via REST API endpoints and they want to minimize the surface area of attack on their server.

The ServerWarp hosting platform provides that. We combine a modern Linux kernel, container technology powered by Docker, secure network and application level firewalls, and our own custom easy to use control panel powered by a REST API to make it happen. On top of what your server provides out of the box we can support any third party Docker container for maximum flexibility. 

In addition to a fully managed server which requires no system administration knowledge we provide the features you expect in a web host. Features like global AnyCast DNS for all of your domains to speed up your sites and applications. Unlimited email accounts and forwarders through our dedicated email hosting server powered by SmarterMail for full Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook interoperability. We also provide access to the most commonly requested database servers like PostgreSQL and MySQL or an unlimited connections license to cubeSQL at absolutely no charge.

Speaking of prices we blow the doors off the competition. Go to any VPS provider and ask how much their managed services cost. They either do not provide it, will cost several hundred dollars a month, or will simply enable automatic updates for you and call it "managed". Managed means more than updates; It means knowledge. Knowledge on how to make your apps and services a success and how to scale them up when they are doing better than you expected. 

For Xojo customers and Xojo Web users we have the best hosting platform around. Xojo Cloud at $49/month offers you 1 GB of RAM, no email, no DNS, support for 1 domain, and 30 GB SSD storage. For $50/month at ServerWarp you get 2x the vCPU cores, 4x the RAM, 2x the SSD storage, unlimited domains, unlimited emails, AnyCast DNS, and the ability to load balance your Xojo Web apps.

Check us out at and let us know how we can help you Xojo.