Rapid Services License


Rapid Services License


Rapid Services for Xojo Web allows any developer to build RESTful web services without ever manipulating JSON. You simply construct normal web pages using a few simple steps and you magically get a full RESTful web service at your disposal. Included with the package is the RapidServicesClient class that can be used on all Xojo eligible targets and platforms which makes it super easy to connect to your web services. 

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One of the aspects about Rapid Services is it builds right on top of a standard Xojo Web application. So long as you are a licensed developer of Xojo Web you can develop with it. In fact you can integrate it directly into your existing Xojo Web applications while only changing a couple minor properties. It will work alongside any application quite nicely. Alternatively you could build completely unique applications just for the purpose of serving your client applications via web services. The choice is yours.

Just like any other Xojo Web application you also have a choice of where to host it. Whether it be on a local LAN server in your office, Xojo Cloud, ServerWarp (our Xojo Web hosting service), or any other it will work just fine. If your client application can make Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket requests and access your application then it can consume your services. 

Rapid Services will literally save you hours of development time. No more hacking at JSON and the HandleURL() events to produce meaningful REST API's. Rapid Services lets you construct web services as quickly as you can program Xojo web pages.


  • Six working examples for Desktop and iOS applications.
  • Nineteen page manual with screenshots, code samples, and a step-by-step guide to building a service.
  • Royalty free distribution on unlimited servers and Xojo Web applications.
  • Unlimited updates for the life of the product.


  • You must have a Xojo Web license and Xojo 2016r3+


  • The encrypted edition requires a license key to be used in production. One will be sent to you within 24 hours of ordering.
  • The source code edition does not require a license key.