Really Nice Controls for Xojo Web

The Really Nice Controls (RNC) project consists of fourteen high quality, highly optimized controls for your Xojo Web projects. The controls are $100 per-developer in encrypted form and include one year of free updates. Over 20+ more controls are planned to be released in coming weeks.

You can view an online demonstration of these controls by clicking here.

Download a free demonstration project with the controls optimized for Xojo Web 2018r2 by clicking here.

The following controls are currently available:

  • Alert (MessageBox replacement)

  • Button (WebButton replacement)

  • Callout

  • Checkbox (WebCheckbox replacement)

  • DateInput

  • EditableLabel

  • Icon

  • ProgressBar (WebProgressBar replacement)

  • Slider (WebSlider replacement)

  • NumericInput

  • Spinner (WebProgressWheel replacement)

  • Switch (WebCheckbox alternative)

  • TextField (WebTextField replacement)

  • Toaster (MessageBox alternative)

Each control provides five color variations. Many include the ability to incorporate one or more icons. 451 high quality SVG icons are included in the package which can be scaled to any size. Some controls can be used in large or small modes to optimize your user interface design.

The control set is powered by a handful of external CSS and Javascript files which are delivered to your client browsers via a FREE CDN network. CDN access is free for the life of your license. All controls have been compiled down to a single Javascript library to maximize speed and efficiency of delivery to your clients browsers. These controls load extremely fast and provide easy events similar to the controls you are used too. They use a Virtual DOM technology which minimizes Javascript execution time and minimizes back and forth data with your Xojo Web server.

License keys are delivered within 24 hours of payment.

All sales during 2018 will include free updates through the end 2019!

You can purchase a license for Really Nice Controls for Xojo Web by clicking here.

Screenshots of the various controls are available by clicking here.

For support, licensing questions, control requests, or otherwise please email